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Wir alle kennen das „berühmte“ Wort „hätte“ ich doch....usw.. Ein Wort, das, so unscheinbar es ist, doch oft unser Leben bestimmt. 

„Hätte“ ist unbefriedigend, negativ und bedauerlich. „Habe“ ist in erster Linie positiv, denn es beschreibt ein aktives Ereignis. 


Eliminieren Sie jetzt das Wort „hätte“ durch "habe" oder "ich will" mittels der wertvollen Expertentipps von 14 ausgewählten Speakern. Tipps, die Ihr Leben neu und angenehm gestalten, täglich neu auf und


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Schofield`s sex appeal tips



Olivia Schofield, an award winning speaker, was the top female finalist in the World Championships of Public Speaking.


Addressing subjects such as Risk & Innovation, Gender Equality & Inclusion, Growth Mindset amongst other themes, she has given Keynotes, trainings and coachings in 3 continents and more than 14 countries.


She is the founder of ‘Spectacular Speaking’ a company dedicated to raising the standard of conference speakers worldwide. She counts amongst her clients fortune 500 companies such as: Hoffman La Roche, American Express, Heineken, and Shell. 

Female Pornography Director 29.03.2015

Sex Sells, what can you do to be sexier?

Last week in Barcelona I had lunch with Erika Lust, female pornography director. What a woman, feisty like a kicking buck. She says she feels more comfortable directing sex scenes than speaking in public and yet in her Tedx talk "It's Time for Porn to Change", she did a brilliant job of making a memorable speech. So much so that at lunch we celebrated 200,000 views. The second most viewed speaker at her Tedx had 8000 views. It's a clear message, "Sex Sells". What can you do to sex up your company's brand? You may also want to check out her website, there are lots of naughty toys to play with.

There is nothing sexier than... 15.03.2015

There is nothing Sexier than Knowing Your Own Mind.

I had 10 women over for Brunch last week. All of them vocal women. There is nothing sexier in both men and women than; when they know what they think about something; have a strong opinion; and don't feel threatened if your view is different to theirs. I find it incredibly attractive when a man or woman knows what they want and won't be deterred from it. There are compromises to be made in relationships, however compromise too much and you loose yourself.

Committment is not a choice. 01.03.2015

I’ve been fortunate to have two blinding passions. Dance and Speaking. Both require massive dedication, time commitment and single mindedness. How does this relate to relationships?

It was not a choice, to commit to my blinding passions - both times - it was a complete impossibility to do anything else. However, it wasn't about achieving, as in seeing the big picture or the big end goal. it was about taking the next step on the journey with every ounce of my being and doing the same with each step.

As a dancer, passion was often compromised for technique and skill. So much so that I lost my desire to continue. I lost my way, I lost myself. The passion, however remains to this day. If I hear a piece of music that stirs me deep inside, my body reacts like it's heroine. Once a dancer, always a dancer.

Now I've discovered my passion for speaking and training. I dedicate myself to it with the discipline of a dancer, however something is different this time. I listen to my own internal voice guiding me. I make my own decisions as to how much theory and technique I need to be successful and more importantly I trust in my unique voice and unorthodox methods. I see the results. When I can connect intensely with the hearts of my listeners or clients, I can make a dramatic impact that connecting with the brain doesn't always achieve. In love and relationships it's good to remember to just take the next step rather than heading for an end goal. Follow your internal voice and your heart to keep your passion alive.

Falling in love 15.02.2015

As I got ready to go for my valentines day date. I enjoyed the preparation just as much as the date.

Getting ready to meet someone with a lot of anticipation is very exciting.
Taking that long hot shower, putting on your sexiest under-ware to make you feel good and choosing your most flattering outfit.
Then getting all the details together of where you will meet, how long you will need to get there and an idea of what subjects your dinner partner might find inspiring.

Like the image, feels good?
How can we make getting ready to speak just the same?

Actually the feeling of excitement is very similar to the feeling of nerves. Our brains tell us one is delicious whilst the other is disastrous.
With a small twist of the mind we can change that.
How about if we saw our speech prep as a means in itself rather than a means to an end. An opportunity to consolidate, solidify and simplify all the thoughts in our mind and structure it into a smooth, simple and seductive presentation.

Try to have this in mind next time you prepare a presentation and you might end up liking it, looking forward to it and even falling in love with public speaking.

Sexy Lingerie 01.02.2015

Leave them wanting more

The story of a speech should climax, however we need a roller coaster ride on the way. Include dips and troughs, ups and downs.
It's the same in relationships, keep it spicy and deliver the unexpected, be it flowers, sexy lingerie or having a sexual encounter in an alley-way.
Deliver the unexpected and the receiver will feel unexpected emotions. A speech, just like a sexual encounter, is like a piece of choreography. It should have unexpected twists and turns and leave us wanting more.

Be a Mistress 18.01.2015

Don't be nervous

Nervous delivery creates a nervous audience. A strong delivery creates a relaxed and trusting audience. Don't mistake a strong delivery with arrogance. In men its masterful. Women don't be afraid to be mistressful, in the bedroom and in the boardroom.

Seduction 04.01.2015

Be A Provocateur

Treat your audience like a lover and you can't go far wrong. Seduce your audience by keeping their minds stimulated. Ask yourself what are they thinking, feeling or doing. If none of those three things are happening, they may very well be bored and start to switch off. Keep their attention by provoking them. Be a thought and feeling provocateur.

Whole Hearted Lover 21.12.2014

Deliver a million dollars

A colleague and I got booked recently to co-lead a workshop in Switzerland. We accepted it, despite the fee being less than we had pitched. When negotiations were finished, My co-trainer sent me a text. It said.

"Now let's give them everything we've got."

I had a vision of him in his cowboy hat, lasoo in hand, "Now let's round up that cattle Yeehaw!!!"

Prep as if your life depended on it. Deliver as if they were paying you a million dollars.

Don't half heartedly take a woman on a date, don't half heartedly seduce her and don't half heartedly make love to her. In business, with friends, with your lover, be whole hearted. There is NOTHING more exciting than that.

Make them come alive. 07.12.2014

There is nothing sexier than ...

What makes that spark?
“If you could narrow it down to one main ingredients what would you choose?“ I’m a performance trainer and Florian Mueck with whom I am talking, is a charisma trainer. We are discussing what is the essential ingredient that makes a communicator spectacular rather than just great.
After looking at it from every angle we both agree. The one thing that turns someone from a great speaker into a spectacular one is... Energy. The more focused the energy, the more powerful the impact. Just look at Mike Jagger, Bruce Lee, or Madonna. My challenge to you today is to ask yourself, “How can I get more energy into my interactions? How can I get more energy into my life?” Some obvious ones are sleep more, eat healthier, rise earlier, exercise daily and create time for deep relaxation.
But there is also, Embracing new experiences, being open to spontaneity, deciding on a “Yes can do” and a “Why the hell not”, sort of attitude, that help fuel your energy.
Focusing your energy on each and every thing you do, will channel it and watch your productivity and fulfillment soar. Focus your energy on one person and watch them wake up, shine and come alive.

Honestly? Being naked is hot. 23.11.2014

He was trying his very best to strike up a conversation with me. I was trying my very best to get rid of him.

The initial spark normally ignited by physical attraction was missing. You know, you look over and see a tall handsome man, chiseled cheeks, glossy thick hair and wonder, “what might his abs feel like under my finger tips?” This guy was the opposite. He was plain, he was bald, he was overweight. The last thing I wanted to imagine was what his abs felt like.

Though he was shy, he was seemingly persistent. When the guided tour of the historic building finished, I gave in and we ended up having a coffee together. Over the next 8 hours that we spent together, we took in a museum, an art gallery, a bookshop, dinner and the theater. His gentle and genuine honesty not only warmed me, but put me at my ease, made me feel relaxed, made me drop my guard and to my surprise… I felt desire creep up on me. My body ignited. That is the power of naked honesty. Bare your soul. Being naked is hot. Hiding behind a facade is not.


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